Home away from home.

28 years. 28 years in a house I could always call home. A place that no matter what when I was not okay I could run to. No worry, the door was open for me, a bed to sleep in, food on the table.

This was the place I took my very first steps in, said my first words, ate my very first solid food. This was my safe haven.

Through the darkness there was always light because I had a family who loved me and a house that welcomed me. Even on the days I didn’t think I belonged I knew I was okay to be here. This is somewhere I will call my forever home, just now its a home that is being passed onto a new family.

I always know things have to come to an end, but never really knew it would happen so fast. Some may think that’s silly, its just a house, but to me this is my childhood home. I am lucky to say that for 28 years I have been with the same household.

I have made memories, had many laughs and many break ups. There was screaming and a lot of yelling… trust me the entire street probably heard. But there was so much warmth to give.

This is where I grew to become the woman I am today. This is a place I will hold deeply in my heart and never forget. I literally got to enjoy 3 different rooms in all parts of my life.

My first room was where I had my childhood. Played with my barbies, had my father read me books to sleep ( I would finish them since he passed out first, ha love yah dad). I had the day bed I always dreamed of and played soooooo much Mario party in that room. Remember those see through phones? ENDLESS 3-way phone calls with my camp friends.

My second room was when my brother moved out and I decided to take that during high school. I felt like an adult having a bigger room with more space, my first desk which I probably threw everything on rather than use it for actual homework. This was the room I really tore a new one. Probably my most rebellious years in this room, lots of drinks and many tokes.. lots of laughs and cries. This was the room where I painted the walls many colours, put up tapestries, had lots of highs and lows. This was the room I made my actual safe haven where I could always come home to. In the summer time my window was in perfect position to see the moon and it just made me feel good.

Then, just recently actually I took over my moms room. Due to unfortunate events in the family she took over the master and I got hers. Oh was I ever excited. First time knocking down walls and actually renovating a little bit. Put in new floors, painted it colours that probably wasn’t the best as there wasn’t much light lol. This was the room where my life was just getting back into order. After years of screw ups and poor decisions, I was finally making my way to becoming an actual adult. This room was short lived as I moved in with my love not long after. But also because the house was put up for sale.

It was so surreal. My mom and dad decided they wanted to move and at first you think “yeah yeah sure”. But then it got real. Time was going by, more houses were being seen and just when they were so unsure of the right house being found, it came. Low and behold their PERFECT home came about. The place they get to enjoy the rest of their beautiful lives together. Just the two of them.

It was very bitter sweet, but boy am I excited for them. I think its also more bitter sweet because as a family we really have been together for a long time. Even though I moved out and back in, many ups and downs occurred, we are a tight fit. This is when the real new beginning happens. Where one book closes and an entire other book begins. Our chapters as a whole becomes a series of events as we all go our ways. I know, maybe I am being a little dramatic, but when you hold something so close to your heart. It is dramatic.

As I sit here writing this, I know this is what is meant to be. This home has given me so much life and love and now it is time to pass it on to the next family.

Generations have lived in this house as it started with my grandparents. Bless their souls <3. I got the chance to live with my grandparents and what a ride that was but looking back it was beautiful. That is another story for another day though.

Anyways. New stories may seem scary, but its just a way of the universe saying “its time to set free young padawan”.

It feels good to get my words out. Until next time.

Thank you for reading.

Peace out home and thank you for all you’ve given me. Its been a real treat.



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